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Electric Fireplaces - Worth a Second Look?

The appeal of a crackling fire has drawn humans for time immemorial. While we no longer rely on its life-sustaining role for survival - staying warm and cooking food - the appeal of vibrant flames and glowing embers is deeply entrenched in our psyches. Today’s busy lifestyles make it harder to indulge in this most primal of cravings, which is where the appeal of electric fireplaces comes in. Read on to see why this contemporary option is worth considering.

Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

•      Bringing Nature Indoors.  We know the upsides of time spent outdoors to our physical health (exercise, sun-generated Vitamin D, fresh air) but studies also show huge improvements to our mental well-being. The ambiance of a fire, associated with the pleasure of childhood campfires, spurs the release of feel-good chemicals in our bodies. 

•      Options to meet varying Style Preferences. From contemporary to rustic, design choices are available to blend into older homes as well as meet the needs of modern spaces that demand simple lines. Many also come with a range of mantel options, an appealing asset during the holidays, when its use as a home for garland, lights, and more is especially welcome.

•      Extra Heat Source.  Its effectiveness as an adjunct heat source remains a primary reason consumers install an electric fireplace. As they emit heat, the need to bump up thermostat temperatures decreases. Be sure to research energy efficiency of models before settling on one - some are more cost-effective for use as supplemental sources of heat.

•      Portability.  This is a special attraction to renters. As freestanding units, they go with you, with no damage to walls or ceiling to repair upon moving. Bonus: for those who enjoy rearranging spaces, electric fireplaces can easily be moved from room to room as desire or need dictates.

•      Ups the Cozy Factor. Fireplaces provide a timeless attribute to a home’s warmth and appeal, immune to shifts in personal aesthetics and design trends.

•      Year-Round Appeal. Because of their ease of use, often with the flick of a switch, they’re an option for even 30 minutes to take the chill off on a cool summer night. No more waiting for flames to die down and embers to cool as required with a wood-burning fire.

•      Affordable.  Electric fireplaces are just a fraction of the cost of building a wood-burning fireplace in a home. Ditto for gas fireplaces, that often need ventilation and gas lines installed. A variety of models can be found online, allowing for easy comparison of prices and attributes.

•      High Safety and Ease of Use. Delivered to your door without the need for a professional hook-up adds to their ease of use. Many models connect to your Smartphone, allowing for one-touch control of sound (crackling fire, anyone?), temperature, and power. Automatic shut-off in most versions increase their safety profile, as does their cool-to-the-touch exterior for those with children and pets.

•      Eco-Friendly for the Eco-Conscious.  Because electric fireplaces don’t have a live flame, they don’t release emissions like smoke, creosote, or CO2. They are an ideal option for asthmatics and those with respiratory issues.

•      Low-Maintenance. Electric fireplaces don’t require any of the maintenance of wood-burning ones. There is no purchasing and stacking of wood, scheduling and paying of chimney cleaning, and no sweeping of ashes after use.

In closing, do your research - the choices are many. But with a list of pros as extensive as the one above, it’s clear electric fireplaces should be on the shortlist for anyone seeking the incomparable ambiance a fire provides.