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Yes, Small can be Beautiful!

Whether you seek design inspiration for small spaces by choice (they’re cozy! easier to clean! organized and minimalist rooms are appealing!) or necessity (there’s a cost to living large!), we’ve gathered ten of our favorite ideas to make the small space one you won’t want to leave.

•      Incorporate Reflective Materials.  Try lacquered walls and glossy tiles. The high-shine will generate a mirror-like effect, bouncing light and making for an airier-feeling space.


•      Opt for Pocket Doors where you can.  With glass windows on the top half, shared light is able to flow through joining spaces while allowing for the separation you need. Because pocket doors slide into the wall when not in use, they take up less prized real estate than swinging doors do.


•      Use What you Have.  If you don’t have the space or budget for a nightstand, for example, substitute a chair to capture bedside necessities, and install wall sconces, which don’t require a surface to sit on.


•      Mount (or Hide) your TV.  Forego space-hogging media consoles. Instead, mount your television on a wall or above the fireplace, allowing you to reclaim flooring. Hiding it in a credenza-like furnishing is an option, too - sliding doors hide the TV, while providing ample surface space atop the unit for decor and essentials.


•      Choose to Multi-task.  Select pieces that can serve multiple purposes - a table that can function as a desk as well as for dining; a sofa that can double as a guest bed; cube-style mini coffee tables that can work as bonus seating when needed.


•      Embrace Architectural Quirks.  That frustrating “lost space” that an old radiator takes up near a desirable window? Invest in a radiator cover, custom cushion, and a mix of pillows, and you’ve created your new favorite hangout - a window nook to read and relax in. Bonus: you can now forego that bulky couch that eats up precious floor space.


•      Keep it Neutral.  Calm, even-toned rooms in your primary living areas give the impression of more space than there is. To keep the space from falling flat, add a variety of textures (think: natural branches, textured pillows, woven chair seats, high-shine cookware on kitchen walls).


•      Consider a Wall Desk.  No room for an office space detached from the living area? Install a mounted wall desk, with floating shelves above to provide easy access to necessities and an ideal spot for storage and display.


•      Use Bigger (yes, bigger!) Furnishings.  It may be counterintuitive, but outfitting a small space with a few (key word being few!) large-scale pieces can make an area feel grander. A mishmash of pint-size furniture can have the opposite effect. Tip: Resist the urge to push furniture up against the walls. Leaving space behind makes the room look larger than it is.


•      In the same vein, Go Big in Small Spaces.  Powder rooms offer the perfect opportunity to put this to practice. A pop of wall color or wallpapered walls in an interesting pattern can elevate this small area, especially when personalized with a gallery-style array of eclectic art in a mix of shapes and sizes.


May these ten tips inspire you in your own small space, making your abode one that you look forward to calling home and returning to, again and again.