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November 6th, 2019

leather sectional

Living in a big, crowded city is always surely exciting, however, it does have its cons. In large cities, more and more people find themselves living in small rooms and apartments. Luckily, every type of room can be improved, you just need to spark up your creativity and imagination. When it comes to home furnishing and design, it’s the tiniest details that make the most impact. This especially applies to small rooms. To help you out on your renovating journey, here are the 5 expert tips on making the most out of your small space:


The first thing you should do is figure out how to let more sunshine into your room. Natural lights creates the illusion of a bigger space. The most efficient way to improve it is to install new windows in key spaces (such as skylights in ceilings).

If adding new windows isn’t possible, you can always switch from heavyweight draperies into lighter caf? curtains, or add a few mirrors across your old windows. Mirrors are ideal for creating optical illusions. If you place them in the right position, they will make your room look twice as larger.


One of the benefits of modern interior design is dual or multi-functional furniture pieces. The lifestyle of contemporaries is all about increasing practicality. Finding a furniture piece that can bring two or more functions to your home is a lifesaver for smaller rooms and apartments.

Extendable dining tables, mirrors that open up and hold jewelry, storage ottomans, portable kitchen islands… you name it! Apart from being practical, these furniture pieces are usually sleek and fashionable.


The key component of interior design is the color palette. If you want to create the illusion of a bigger space then look for neutral and light colors. A light shade of grey is becoming fashionable once again, but if you want a more natural look, you can always go with beige.

Additionally, colorful wallpapers, artwork and reflective materials can truly add value to a smaller room. Patterned tapestries or a shiny golden faucet will immediately improve your small space. Some people even decide to paint and wallpaper their bookcases as a way to spice up the color palette.


Lines are an important element of interior design and are usually used to add depth to a room. Vertical lines invite our views upward (expanding height) while horizontal ones balance our eye level (expanding width). You can play with lines in a number of ways, from bookshelves and columns to crown moldings and wainscoting.

In most cases, smaller rooms require smaller elements. So for instance, instead of putting an entire desk in your bedroom, opt for a wall desk; instead of large cabinets, opt for storage nooks and hanging shelves.


People who live in smaller apartments have difficulty of keeping their privacy, especially when they host parties and gatherings. Creating zones with draperies, glass, or pocket doors will not only improve privacy, but it will also make the smaller space seem larger.

This will also enable you to play around with design elements. For instance, you can place your bed in your living room, but separate it with a heavyweight drapery or a portable door. Making the most out of your small room isn’t that hard, you just need to release your creative soul.