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Fabrics & Finishes
We get our images directly from the manufacturers, who sample the fabrics from their mills to make sure the colors are consistent. We use high quality images to insure the most accurate representation of color that is possible. However, other factors, such as the model and age of your computer monitor and/or video card could cause subtle variances. More so, incandescent lighting, fluorescent lighting, direct sunlight, or any combination of those all may cast a slightly different hue. If the exact color of a fabric or finish is absolutely imperative to your decision making process, please contact us and we will make every effort to get you a sample. We are not responsible for slight differences in color or finish.

What does Distressed Furniture mean?
Distressing is a very desirable look in today's furniture. Distressed furniture has a unique appearance and vintage look that is sought after by many. A piece of distressed furniture has a sense of individuality and character. Through distressing, imperfections are glamorized and it is those very imperfections that are highly desirable. Please be aware that a piece of distressed furniture will look weathered, that is the whole point and beauty of a distressed piece. Surfaces will appear rubbed, dented, dimpled, crackled, white washed, sanded down, etc... a worn appearance is the desired effect.

We make every effort to get you the most precise information & all of our product measurements are obtained directly from the manufacturer. It is important that you measure the space in which you intend to place the merchandise as well as the height and width of all doorways, hallways, and turns that it will need to traverse to get there. Please remember that you are ultimately responsible to make sure that the item you selected will fit within your home. In the event that a delivery is refused because it will not fit our Hassle Free Return Policy will apply. Please note, that is ultimately not responsible for slight deviations (less than 3") in the measurements stated on our site.

Please be aware that is ultimately not responsible for slight deviations (less than 3") in the measurements stated on our site.

Most manufacturers offer a 1-year warranty against defects from date of delivery. Please contact us for exact warranty information including available extended warranty plans.

Prices reflect cash and credit card prices. There may be a premium for finance or other payment methods.

Overall Site Usage
The status of a particular item(s) including price, inventory level and/or availability can change without notice. has the right to rescind any offer, or reject any order even after it has been submitted, in order to rectify any such incorrect information.

Any Questions?
Please contact us if you have one concerning any of our policies. Thank you for your patronage.
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