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Small Spaces

Yes, Small can be Beautiful!

Whether you seek design inspiration for small spaces by choice (they’re cozy! easier to clean! organized and minimalist rooms are appealing!) or necessity (there’s a cost to living large!), we’ve gathered ten of our favorite ideas to make the small space one you won’t want to leave.

Mattress Size

Mattress Size - Getting it Right

While other home purchases get more attention due to their flashier nature (new leather sofa, anyone?), mattresses deserve a share of our research and investment considering their impact on our quality of life. Studies show we spend one-third of our lives in bed, and the quality of that sleep time impacts our physical and mental health. Think of the last time you had disrupted sleep and how that affected your day. Now think of a morning you awoke refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. We shoot for the latter if at all possible. And for most of us, it’s very possible.


Seven Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Mattress

We all know the value of good sleep - greater energy, sharper cognition, quicker response times, lower stress. Plus, we just look and feel a heck of a lot better after a solid night’s rest. The trouble with too little sleep is also well recognized - higher cortisol levels, overeating, less stamina, and increased susceptibility to injury and disease. One factor commonly overlooked in the pursuit of satisfying sleep is also (fortunately!) one of the most accessible - a quality mattress.


Protecting your Leather Furniture Investment

There’s no doubt - leather furniture looks and feels great. Because it’s a natural product, it warms to your body in the winter yet feels cool in the summer. When well-maintained, it lasts longer than fabric upholstery and gets softer over time with a “lived-in,” rustic-chic appeal. The challenge? Dirt, oil, and liquids can seep in due to its permeable nature, requiring added caution with its care.

Upholstery Care

Keeping your Upholstered Furniture looking its Best while Extending its Life

We’ve heard about the benefits of leather furniture - it’s suitable for pets! It’s better for those with allergies! It’s easier to clean! But for those who want to sink into something soft and warm with the “broken-in” feeling we crave at the end of a long day, many believe that nothing beats an upholstered sofa.If you find yourself on “Team Textile,” you’ll want to keep your favorite perch in good condition and looking its best. Fortunately, the job is simple if you are mindful of these seven steps:


Electric Fireplaces - Worth a Second Look?

The appeal of a crackling fire has drawn humans for time immemorial. While we no longer rely on its life-sustaining role for survival - staying warm and cooking food - the appeal of vibrant flames and glowing embers is deeply entrenched in our psyches. Today’s busy lifestyles make it harder to indulge in this most primal of cravings, which is where the appeal of electric fireplaces comes in. Read on to see why this contemporary option is worth considering.